Beast of All


Andy McNeilly’s life has become a living nightmare. Two months ago she was kidnapped by the SRD and pumped full of drugs. Those drugs have made her lose contact with her feras, thus leaving her without the ability to shift. She has even lost touch with the beast within her. The only thing she can think of is to escape and seek revenge on everyone she considers the enemy.

Now all Andy has to do is heal, get back her feras and recover her strength. All before the many bad guys take her out of the picture. And now days she isn’t even sure who she should consider a friend, so who can she turn to for help?

BEAST OF ALL is fantastic!! I have heard many people say, and even said it myself, that I couldn’t put a book down … well this one was IMPOSSIBLE to put down. I have read all of the Carus books by J.C. McKenzie and though I will miss this series BEAST OF ALL was a perfect ending to an amazing series. It gives Andy closure in many area, including that of the heart, which I can’t go into as I do not do spoilers. She also gets to clean up some areas that needed badly to be cleaned up and kicks some righteous butt in the process. Something she is very good at by the way. All the Carus books are in my to-read-again shelf and I can’t wait to see what else Ms. McKenzie brings her readers.

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