Review: My American Duchess by Eloisa James


Review:  My American Duchess  by Eloisa James

Published January 26th 2016 by Avon     Audio  Length: 12 hours and 13 minutes

After two broken betrothals Miss  Merry Pelford, an American Heiress has come abroad with her aunt and uncle as a last chance to marry Merry off to an English gentleman.  Lord Cedric Allardyce the younger brother of a duke has quickly zeroed in on Merry and after a short -one month –  courtship promptly proposed at a ball then disappeared to the card room.  Merry needed air and pulled herself out to a balcony to reassess what had just happened – she was now betrothed.

Before too long a gentleman came bursting out to the balcony, clearly upset and hadn’t noticed Merry standing alone in the shadows.  Naturally, Merry being American and not your normal gently bred unassuming London debutante, tapped him on the shoulder to discover if there were anything she might do to help.  Aghast that a woman would just simply approach him the Duke of Trent was anything but friendly, but alas Merry was not impeded by his brusque mood.  After many minutes of discussion with this unusually intelligent and attractive woman, Trent who never smiled had quite enjoyed their discussion and certain he must be introduced officially to her.  The introduction was not what he expected – Merry Pelford was betrothed to his twin brother!

In a couple of words…Absolutely delightful!  I loved the whole premise of twins – one the good one and the other somewhat of a sleaze.   Not identical in looks and definitely not in character, but ‘oh spit’ neither were a match for the intrepid American Heiress Merry Pelford.   After meeting Trent Merry had begun to think that she just might be a shallow person, especially now that after meeting her betrothed future brother-in-law, she was having second thoughts about jumping too quick into another betrothal which she was beginning to realize was another mistake.

But what could she do – go for three broken betrothals?  My gosh she wouldn’t have a reputation left or should she go through with it and be miserable married to one and lusting for the other.  My oh my, be careful what one wishes for .

Lots of fun between the pages, the sheets, and a real surprise wedding make this a terrific read which I consider a true winner.   The narration by Kate Reading was lovely and well performed.   I’m only sorry it took me so long to pick this up to listen to.

Marilyn Rondeau

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