Review: Curse on the Land by Faith Hunter


Nell Ingram has finished her training at Spook School and is now ready to start working under Rick LaFleur as part of his Psychometry Law Enforcement Division (PsyLED) team. The team’s current case seems right up Nell’s alley as the land itself appears infected and the infection is spreading. Can Nell and the rest of PsyLED Unit Eighteen uncover the origin of the problem and stop the spread of the malignant infection before it grows even more powerful?

I love Nell! She’s a great narrator for the story as she’s an intriguing blend of wisdom, wit, and innocence. Nell’s determination to become a full-fledged member of Unit Eighteen is apparent in every action she takes, as we see her learning even more about her own magical abilities. However, it is her quest for knowledge that makes her all the more fascinating. Faith Hunter incorporates some interesting scientific facts into the storyline of CURSE ON THE LAND– Spongebob, being one that sent me quickly to the internet and my friend Google.

And oh, does Faith Hunter ever throw some twists at the PsyLED team in CURSE ON THE LAND!  I don’t want to reveal too much but one of the twists definitely satisfied me and has me wondering how this will play into future events, particularly since we are seeing Jane Yellowrock’s name pop into the series more and more.  I like that we get to see Nell beginning to emerge as a leader in her own rights and I can’t wait to see where Faith Hunter takes us with her character.

CURSE ON THE LAND is the second book in Faith Hunter’s Soulwood series and I highly suggest reading it in the context of the series as a whole. The majority of the story stands alone but Nell is continuing to learn about her own powers and there is an ongoing thread involving events from the first book, BLOOD OF THE EARTH. Besides, this series is simply too good not to be enjoyed! Highly recommended!

*copy of the book received from NetGalley*

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