Review: His Wicked Lady by Sharon Drane


Publication: December 1st 2016 by Salt Run Publishing LLC

ISBN13: 9781623900557      Series:  Touch The Sky #3

Rating:  5*

I was completely engrossed from the very first pages of this delightful book by Ms. Sharon Drane.  Right from the beginning I wanted to smack the Baron William Hargreaves for his beastly insult to Miss Caroline Burgess.   And then I wanted to stand up and cheer for Caroline’s response back at William and the other aristocrats who joined in on verbally attacking Caroline.

No one hearing the nasty insults from William would ever believe that Caroline actually enjoys the skirmishes, or that she secretly relishes the feelings he stirs within her breast.    As much as William does his best to hide his growing attraction to Caroline the outspoken American heiress, she seems to continually fall further from acceptance from the Ton when she does the unthinkable and accepts a role in a play.   Probably the most inexcusable profession for a lady of the ton. 

None the less, William can’t ignore her for she had tried to save his niece from a disastrous marriage to a terrible bounder and brutal man.   And for all that he and the ton  were singing Caroline’s praises for the most wonderful actress she portrayed in the play.  She was a success!

However, the success became more of a burden and after having to kill a man in self defense, Caroline returned to Philadelphia, broken hearted that William who had seemed to come around to friendship, had totally snubbed her.

The story continues with clips of Caroline in America building a life without the man she loves and William in England raising the son he never knew he had.  It was both bittersweet, with hints of betrayal, suspense and longing and twists you never saw coming.

Bottom line:   This was a totally perfect read for me, with a steady pace and characters to fall in love with.  A really great read I highly recommend.

Marilyn Rondeau

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