Review: When You Wish by Alexandra Ivy


Publisher: Lyrical Press Publication Date: November 8, 2016

Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services

ASIN: B01BRFLI5W      Rating:   5*


Sarah Cresswell leads a peaceful life—until she’s asked to help a handsome nobleman unearth a thief. Soon the unlikely duo is navigating London’s seamy side—and an undeniable attraction. But it’s a love that can never be, unless intervention comes from a most unexpected source…

This was really kind of a cute story with Sarah being the daughter of the infamous Devilish Dandy – a rascally jewel thief and being approached by the uptight Flawless Earl, to help him locate his mother’s highly prized diamond tiara and necklace.   Needless to say, the story was delivered with a fast pace and several secondary characters who I hope return to enliven this sweet romance.


Emma Cresswell would do anything to escape gossip-plagued London because of her relationship to the Devilish Dandy so she leaves to start anew as a lady’s companion. Emma Certainly didn’t expect to become attracted to her employer’s reckless and highly attractive nephew and did her best to stay out of his way.  However, Cedric, Lord of Hartshore, senses that beneath Emma’s conservative veneer is a heart as passionate as his own—and he’s determined to win it!  Again, we have another of the three daughters of the Devilish Dandy whom has come to realize that he owes his daughters a future and reliable life  which in his younger years had not been something he’d thought about.   Emma the daughter who is most embarrassed by him is aghast that he drops into her quiet life and starts making a nuisance of himself and may just upset her newly composed life story.


The most outrageous of all the Devilish Dandie’s daughter is Rachel Cresswell.  Rachel has come to Surrey primarily to make her presence known and to aggravate Lady Broswell who has snubbed and insulted Rachael for far too long!  Rachel wants revenge of a sort, but Anthony Clarke a handsome recluse inventor seems to thwart and talk her out of her most outrageous plots.   In the meantime, Rachel discovers that Lady Broswell has another daughter, one she keeps hidden in an old dowager house on her estate; the child Julia, just happens to be Rachel’s cousin – for Lady Broswell is truly her Aunt.

Bottom line:   All three of the these novella’s have one thing in common, all daughters of the Devilish Dandy and though wanted by the law, he disguises himself in every story to help out each one of his daughters.   The stories are all delightful and it’s wonderful to see each find the man of their dreams.   A really great ‘feel-good’ book of delightful stories.

Marilyn Rondeau


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