Angel for Christmas


Written by Caroline Clemmons

Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko

An unexpected angel saves the day

There are angels everywhere and even some who never expected to be one.

Dr. Suzi Stephens needs a miracle and she certainly never expected it to come in the form of the children’s home’s new janitor.

Jacob Richison was a hard living, a bit reckless, very wealthy man who finds himself at the pearly gates and given a second chance. All he has to do to get inside heaven is save the home. But, he has to do that as Jacob Porter and do it by Christmas.

This new life he has been given brings many changes to the man who had been in the exact setting as these children. Now with this second chance will he learn to love and the true meaning of charity?

Angel for Christmas is a sweet, second chance (not at love this time but at life) Christmas tale that opens readers eyes to things that make you stop, think and be grateful. I enjoyed the book and the characters in it, especially sweet little Missy and the other children. The change in Jacob is subtle as he was always a good man, just a little caught up in possessions. Dr. Suzi is out of her depth in the business management side of things, she is a child psychologist and never wanted to run the place, just help the children cope with the life they had been handed.

If you need a sweet, contemporary that is perfect for the holidays or any day you need a touch of goodness then ANGEL FOR CHIRSTMAS by Caroline Clemmons is what you need.

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