Review: Lone Wolf by Sara Driscoll


Review:   Lone Wolf by Sara Driscoll

Series:  FBI K-9 #1

Published November 29th 2016 by Kensington Books     Rating: 4*

Meg Jennings and her Labrador, Hawk, are one of the FBI’s top K-9 teams certified for tracking, search and rescue. When a bomb rips apart a government building on the National Mall in Washington D.C., it will take all the team’s skill to locate and save the workers and children buried beneath the rubble. Discovering that a madman is on a bombing spree, Meg and Hawk are the key to stopping him before more innocents die.

While the first bombing was bad there was the relief of finding some victims who were still alive.  Unfortunately, the second bombing was much more catastrophic with no survivors.  The unseen bomber left messages indicating he would be continuing his reign of terror, bent on pursuing his own personal agenda of retribution. Meg and Hawk join the task force dedicated to following the trail of death and destruction to stop the killer.

LONE WOLF is actually more than just a thriller about a domestic terrorist creating his own form of terrorism as he enacts revenge against those who seem to be persecuting him. While the problem of  discovering the culprit is number one, I found I was just as focused on the relationship between handler and dog to be so fascinating.  I loved the details of how they were trained and the unique bond they develop with their handlers was fabulous.  Actually even identifying from a puppy who might be perfect enough to spend the time needed to train these dogs was thrilling.   Bottom line:   Loved every moment of LONE WOLF and highly suggest this for mystery readers and dog lovers alike!

Marilyn Rondeau

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