Review: The Trouble With Dukes by Grace Burrowes


Series: Windham Brides (Book 1)        Mass Market Paperback: 368 pages

Publisher: Forever – Grand Central Publishing    ISBN-13: 978-1455569960

Rating:  5* Publishing date:  December 20, 2016

Megan Windham is anything but a snob, and what she sees of the new Duke of Murdoch is one very big and to her mind ruggedly handsome man.   Megan’s heard the rumors calling Hamish,  the Duke of Murder and lord knows, he is not trying to hide his Scottish roots what with the kilt he wears everywhere and into some of the most prestigious ballrooms of the ton!   Heck no, and further she sees a man who is not some dandified aristocrat.   He’s definitely different, someone very different, and she likes what she sees.

Hamish disdains the fact that he is now a newly formed Duke, but as the head of the clan he knows he must face the fiercest of all battles – a London Season in order to make his sisters happy.  To that end he is even allowing their dear friend Miss Windham to teach him to waltz.  Megan isn’t at all like the normal debutantes flattered by his title, she doesn’t giggle, flap her eyelashes or try any of the other tricks to gain his attention.  She doesn’t seem the bit fazed at all by his title and she does not at all seem intimidated by his dark and murderous reputation, however as strong as she seems, Hamish senses Megan is fighting her own battles.  And, Hamish is ready to act the warrior again to save her from a fate worse than death, and just might lose himself to her estimable charms.

*** Ah, what can one say that has not been said already about author Grace Burrowes and her amazingly engrossing historical romances.  In THE TROUBLE WITH DUKES, she has once again created a masterful hero (Hamish) and another strong heroine (Megan Windham) and all in a brand new series – Book 1 of the Windham Brides!   I am so happy to have the privilege of getting to review the first in what I suspect will be another masterful series full of adventure, suspense and above all romance!!

Naturally, in order to have the angst required in a great romance we have to have one vile villain and Ms. Burrowes has come up with just that, a hateful man who has been blackmailing and continues to blackmail Megan into a betrothal in order to gain her dowery.  And just when you think Hamish has saved her from herself, up pops another hurdle to be overcome.   Nope that’s all you’ll get from me, but once you pick up THE TROUBLE WITH DUKES, you’ll find out exactly what that next hurdle is!  Happy reading.

Marilyn Rondeau

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