Review: An Import of Intrigue by Marshall Ryan Maresca


A murder has been committed, but the clues seem to be more red herrings than helpful. Inspector Third Class in the Constabulary, Satrine Rainey, and her partner, Inspector Minox Welling, will have to sort through the various cultural differences to determine who the murderer is. Meanwhile, Minox is struggling with his uncircled mage abilities and may be more hindrance than help. Can Satrine and Minox uncover the real murderer before the tensions in the Little East neighborhood explode past their breaking point?

AN IMPORT OF INTRIGUE is the second book in The Maradaine Constabulary series and is probably best appreciated in the context of the series. Marshall Ryan Maresca now has several books set in this fantasy world as there is another series, Maradaine, with yet a third series soon to launch.  Each book adds another element to the overall world building and so far I’ve enjoyed them all.  I have to admit that The Maradaine Constabulary series is my favorite of the two series as I love the detective aspect.

Marshall Ryan Maresca takes AN IMPORT OF INTRIGUE in an interesting direction. We’ve had glimpses of the various cultures that inhabit his fantasy world but AN IMPORT OF INTRIGUE gives us a hard and close look at the differences and tensions steaming under the surface.  The plot is a timely one, considering today’s current political tensions, and I like how Marshall Ryan Maresca doesn’t sugarcoat the prejudices and ignorance that can exist.

Minox is my favorite character out of all of Marshall Ryan Maresca’s books to date. Minox struggles quite a bit in AN IMPORT OF INTRIGUE as his powers, coupled with his family’s history of mental health issues (although they aren’t identified as such in this fantasy world) are starting to become problematic for him. I’m curious to see how Marshall Ryan Maresca is going to continue to develop this plot, especially considering some of the revelations we learn.

And Satrine… if you ever wondered how Satrine had the skills and grit to enter the Constabulary the way she did, AN IMPORT OF INTRIGUE will answer those questions. I love the glimpses we get into Satrine’s past although I now have many more questions as well.

Marshall Ryan Maresca continues to impress me with each new book. I’ve fallen in love with the world of Maradaine and I look forward to seeing what we’ll learn from the new series. Highly recommended!

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