Review: Highland Sinner by Hannah Howell


Zebra Published December 27, 2016

ISBN13: 9780821780015 Series:  Murray Family #16

Setting:  Scotland, 1478 (United Kingdom)    Rating:  5*

Yes, Tormand Murray was a rogue, a womanizer and may indulge in spirits more than he ought, but, he was definitely not a callous murderer.  Yet how exactly can he explain waking up next to the butchered body of one of his many former ex-lovers?  Anyone who knows Tormand can tell you he just isn’t that type of man.  But how to explain the next few bodies, all previous ex-lovers of his, that are turning up dead and butchered?  Obviously, someone wants Tormand framed for these murders with his own.

There is one possibility of proving him innocent, that of reaching out to Moraine Ross, a reclusive and sensual, beautiful woman known as the Ross Witch.  Skeptic that he is, Tormand would never believe the stories that anyone really had second sight and could have a vision to discover who the madman is who is butchering these women.  But as the deaths started the townspeople talking of lynching him, Tormand was willing to agree.

Moraine was skeptical of a man who didn’t accept that her visions were real, but she had feelings, for Tormand she’d never experienced before.  Although Moraine had to think, would her participation then mark her as another victim to be murdered who was connected to Tormand.

***  As expected whenever I pick up a book by Hannah Howell, I become immediately hooked, not only with the fact that it is a connected book to the wonderfully gifted Murray Clan series, but I know that it will be something fresh and new!  No disappointment there!   Moraine is of course a wonderfully strong and feisty heroine and a perfect match for Tormand.   I loved how he finally had come to a conclusion as he made a list of previous lovers, that his conscience came to life and he realized he didn’t particularly like the man he’d become.

Ms. Howell, threw in a LOT of zingers in HIGHLAND SINNER with new characters who had big impact on the plot and also some twists that were truly surprising.  Naturally, it was completed with one randy rogue who had to learn a lot about how to woo a woman, he knew was too precious to let slip through his fingers.    Bottom Line:  A great read and wonderful romance!

Marilyn Rondeau

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