Review: Kill Without Shame by Alexandra Ivy


Series: ARES Security #2                                  Rating:  4*

Publication: December 27th 2016 by Zebra      ASIN: B01DRXCGBC

ARES Security was formed when five brave military heroes came home after surviving captivity in the hell of a Taliban prison. They take on the civilian missions no one else can.  They’re highly skilled, intimidating, invincible and one by one tested over and over again. 

Lucas St. Clair’s prestigious family had their political expectations all worked out for him and they didn’t include Mia Ramon, his high school sweetheart from the other side of the tracks.  Under pressure, Lucas gave up both Mia and his family walking away to war from the homestead in Louisiana.  Now based in Houston, TX Lucas is questioned by law enforcement on a dead body, who just happens to have held Lucas’ name and address in his dead hand – along with a picture.

It took a moment for Lucas to recall the dead man but less than a second to recognize the picture of the girl with the threatening words scrawled over it, and Lucas knew he had to do everything in his power to protect her.   If only he could get close enough to speak to her after breaking her heart and leaving her high and dry 15 years ago.

What a great storyline!  I love smart and independent heroines combined with a sexy alpha male!  Fifteen years is a long time to nurse a broken heart, but when your life is being threatened it does make sense to allow the heart-breaker back into your life and maybe into your….

The protagonists and other members of the ARES security team were all fleshed out and introduced to whet your appetite for more of these sexy hard-assed and so very capable heroes.  The villain was kept pretty much a secret although I did have my suspicions.  Regardless this seems like a series I can highly suggest for an entertaining read.

Marilyn Rondeau


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