Review: Stolen Kisses by Merryn Dexter


Sadie Burrows-King has lost her grandmother and goes in search of a place to belong. Crashing into Los Lobos, quite literally, brings this lonely little wolf something she has dreamed of. Home, family, acceptance and at long last …. love. Easton Quaid might be an orphaned wolf, who barely survived the cruelty of the former alpha, but he knows family and he knows what he wants and Sadie is it!

I love visiting The Black Hills Wolves and Los Lobos, the whole series is so much fun to revisit. Author Merry Dexter knows how to throw steamy, funny, thoughtful, heart touching and roll it into a read that you can’t put down. Her Black Hills characters are a pleasure to revisit and I love seeing another wolf who had been kicked around get his happily ever after. I enjoyed the winter solstice scavenger hunt that Sadie and East were chosen to finish. (Just a little hint … that’s were the title comes in to play but is done in a funny and rather sneaky way.) I did like that Sadie got the answer to her grandfather’s disappearance and was able to answer the Alpha Drew Tao’s question when she asks about possibly joining the pack. I always get the feeling that he knows so much more than he lets on. I also found myself admiring East’s work ethic, he wasn’t above doing little jobs for anyone who needed his help. The townsfolk kept him busy and felt protective toward him as if he were a member of their own family.

If you want a story that will keep you glued to the pages and a mixture of happy (for the couple who got their HEA) and sad when it ends (because it ended) then “Stolen Kisses” is just what you are looking for.

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