Review: Her True Match

Her True Match

All I can say is … hold onto your seats readers this is an explosive book by author Paige Tyler that has an ending that will just blow your mind.

Dreya Clark is a thief, at least according to Detective Braden Hayes … he caught her with the goods but loses her to the Department of Covert Operations. Dreya Clark is a shifter and DCO is always looking for those with her special ability.

Braden isn’t happy with the turn of events, in fact, he isn’t going to let her go alone. Despite finding out that she is more than he thought … a real cat burglar … he is hooked and when they are both on a dangerous, very covert mission, it is her instinct and his tenacity that keep them alive.

Her True Match takes us back into author Paige Tyler’s DCO series, but I am not sure how much I can say that will not be considered spoilers. The cat and mouse game that starts this story with Dreya and Braden is fun and leads you to the personalities of these two people quickly. Dreya is an adrenaline person and Braden is by the book, totally opposites but … wow … when opposites collide it is very good reading. As I said hold on to your seats because Ms. Tyler throws a very big twist at the end that no one could have ever expected and I kind of hope that she has a surprise for her faithful readers when we close the book and … say it ain’t so. Her True Match is indeed a must read, with Dreya and Braden’s love story is central but there are a lot happening to the members of DCO that will have you holding your breath. All I can say is I hope the next offering is already in the works because I can’t wait for it… I have to know what really happened.

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