Review: Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs

It all started with cookies and chocolate….

Mercy Thompson Hauptman has been abducted from a convenience store after running out to buy more eggs for the cookies she is baking. Unfortunately, the kidnapping isn’t part of a local plot but instead involves the head of the Milan seethe and ultimately the leader of all the European vampires. Iacopa Bonarata, also known as the Lord of Night, intends to use Mercy against her mate and Alpha werewolf, Adam Hauptman. Cut off from the pack bonds that allow Mercy and Adam to sense one another, Mercy will have to survive in a different world where the rules and relationships are very different from the ones she is used to.

SILENCE FALLEN is the tenth book in the Mercy Thompson series and wow, this is a series that never gets stale! SILENCE FALLEN is best appreciated in the context of the series as a whole, particularly since the relationships have already been established and the strength of those bonds is part of what makes SILENCE FALLEN so gut-wrenching. Readers familiar to the series should note that the narration in SILENCE FALLEN is slightly different as the story alternates between the points of view of Adam and Mercy, with the time line not staying strictly linear.

SILENCE FALLEN takes the Mercy Thompson series in a whole new direction as we see the world continuing to broaden. We are beginning to see the worldwide impact of Adam’s deal with the Fae that made the Tri-Counties a safe zone. The politics are starting to get sticky and it’s going to be interesting to see where these new developments take us in future books.

I love that we get to see Mercy’s independence and determination shine through. She is on her own for most of SILENCE FALLEN and we are reminded of how she survived without a pack prior to her relationship with Adam. Mercy is a fighter but she also knows her own strengths and weaknesses.  Mercy is perhaps my favorite urban fantasy heroine as Patricia Briggs shows us what a strong, resilient woman can do, both with her mate and on her own.

SILENCE FALLEN is yet another stunning installment in the Mercy Thompson series. Patricia Briggs is without a doubt one of the masters of the urban fantasy genre. Highly recommended!

*copy of ebook provided courtesy of Netgalley*

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