Review: The Arrangement by Mary Balogh


Series:  The Survivors’ Club #2

Paperback, 366 pages    Published August 27th 2013 by Dell

ISBN13: 9780345535870 Rating:  5*

Desperate to escape all his relatives efforts in finding him a suitable bride, Vincent Hunt, Viscount Darleigh flees to a remote country village.  His relatives all want what they consider is best for him since he came home from the wars after losing his eyesight.   Vincent was adamant he did NOT need a wife to play nursemaid to him.  Staying and living independently was his fondest desire, yet it seemed that even in this remote village another was attempting to coerce him into marriage.   If not for the quick thinking of Miss Sophia Fry’s intervention he would have been trapped into marriage.  Unfortunately for Miss Fry her intervention caused her to be tossed out of her guardian’s home.

Naturally, when Vincent heard of her plight, he invited Miss Fry to come and take shelter in his home.  During this time, as he became more acquainted with Sophia he decided that their was a solution to both their problems – if Sophia would consent to marry him.  Naturally Sophia refused. He was a handsome titled gentleman too much above her. But he argued that he wanted a wife of his own choosing as much as Sophia needed protection from destitution.

*** Once again Ms. Balogh has created the most wonderful tale in this Survivor Club series.  And for the uninitiated to Ms. Balogh’s sterling word-smithing talents – THE ARRANGEMENT is definitely a stand alone novel as I believe I have now read them all.  What stands out for me most with Balogh’s writing is the humanness she imbibes with all her characters to give them motivation and emotion.   I want to be there hugging her characters through their pain, their joy, and triumphs.

Sophia was a remarkable and inventive lady, and the things she came up with to make Vincent’s life more independent and carefree were so unselfishly awe-inspiring I shed tears for each accomplishment she succeeded at in bringing Vincent each new measure of self-reliance. Naturally each deed brought them closer together and the sensuality between Vincent and Sophia as they began to care and deeply fall in love with one another was a joy to behold.

Bottom Line:   No one writes more emotional historical romance with sensuality than Ms. Balogh.   THE ARRANGEMENT was superb and I can HIGHLY recommend this to fans and new readers alike.  Love! Love! Love!

Marilyn Rondeau


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