Review: Seastruck by Thelma Mariano


Kindle Edition, 285 pages                                   Published May 12th 2016

ASIN: B01FMWFFU0                                         Rating:  5*

Due to a very OLD curse, it is a race against time for Lura, a real mermaid, to find her perfect mate –if she doesn’t she will keep her bound to another man for life.

What encounters Lura has had with mortal men though have caused her nothing but grief, but when she spies a man drowning in the Gulf of Mexico, a sacred law compels her to save him.  Funny though, she couldn’t understand why he seemed so different from most mortal men she’s ever had contact with.  Still.before the full moon cycle ends, she must mate with a human in hopes of conceiving.  Actually, it is her only way of preserving the ancestral memories of her dying race.

Now the man she saved seems to have all the genes she needs for her offspring, so she shape shifts into a leggy blonde in the hope of seducing him.  However, Tyler has just come from a divorce and though he is mesmerized by Lura he is not going to get careless and have another woman get pregnant even though his ex really wasn’t pregnant to begin with.  Tyler now practices safe sex and that is not what Lura is looking for.

When Lura is captured by a treasure hunter, he triggers an ancient curse that keeps her in his power.  Unless she breaks this spell, her captor will father her child and ruin her life forever.

***. Very nicely done, definitely a bit of fantasy, but who can really be sure mermaids don’t exist and wouldn’t it be grand if Mermaids were real.   After all – think about it –  even some of the oldest tomes were written about the mermaids of old!  Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  I loved the description of how the mermaids change into two legged humans and how they live in the ocean.  I wanted to cry over the way the sea has become a huge dumping ground and the fish and turtles become caught in the garbage.

The interaction between Tyler and Lura, her grandmother and sister was wonderful and even though some did not get along with one another the closeness of their hearts was beautiful.

Bottom Line:   I loved this story and thought the dialogs were great and at times even funny as Lura became more and more frustrated trying to get pregnant.   Very enjoyable!

Marilyn Rondeau

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