REVIEW: Come Home to Me by Liz Talley

ComeHome-Liz Talley

Paperback, 332 pages                                  Publication: April 17th 2018 by Montlake ISBN:  9781503900998

Summer Valentine has returned to Moonlight, South Carolina for the sake of her son David.  She had left Moonlight a different person than how she has returned.  No longer shy easy going naive young girl but a strong woman who has survived the nasty rumors of being an unwed mother. No longer the pushover who could be taken into anything, she was an intelligent and savvy woman who would do right by her son who wanted a relationship with his dad.

In spite of her anger over the past and Hunter’s continued defense of his actions towards Summer, she is willing to put that aside to see if Hunt really wants to establish a relationship with his son.  Hunt was at one time a big time baseball player but his illustrious career has faded, and yet his wealth and privilege still keeps him protected from the mistakes of his past.  

Another person from Summer’s past has also returned to Moonlight  –Rhett Bryan, the Golden Boy from Hollywood, who has come home to find some healing after a tragic accident that took the life of a child.  Finding Summer home and rekindling their friendship Summer is not sure she could handle having her heart broke again when she knows he will be returning to California.  

There is a lot of painful history between all three of these high school friends and while it is nice to see Rhett kind of re-connecting with Summer, there is a whole lot of hurt and unresolved feelings that all has to come out before there can be any type of happy ending.

Bottom line:  A great story with high emotional content and wonderful characterizations.

Marilyn Rondeau

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