REVIEW: The Luck of the Bride by Janna MacGregor

The Luck of the Bride

ISBN13: 9781250116161.                    Series:   The Cavensham Heiresses #3

Rating 5*

March Lawson, after the death of her mother, has had little to no luck especially after making a promise to keep her siblings together and care for them no matter what.  And March has done that, but lately it seems the estate funds she was supposed to be getting were not forthcoming.  As a result, she had – out of necessity – turned to forging the signature of the Marquess of McCalpin who was supposed to have taken over the guardianship of the Lawson family.   The thing of it was – there was money.  Three generous dowries had been set up for the girls including March; so in her mind – March was only ‘borrowing from her own money’.

Alas, one of the Marquess’ accountants noticed right away that the sums requested had been increasing and this latest one was a dead giveaway that something wasn’t right.  March was summoned to com and explain to Michael Cavensham, the Marquess himself why his signature was so perfectly drawn and why sums of money were being deposited in her account.

*** What a delightful story as well as realistic.  You have to love March for taking the bull by the horns and working out ways to keep the Lawson siblings from near starvation.  [Not counting the great hunter Max who helped fill the larder – but you’ll have to discover that one by reading the book yourself!].  No spoilers  here.  

I loved the fact that Michael had a secret that would have truly destroyed his self image should it become common knowledge.   But the one person he did trust was March and the more he came to know and admire her he began to see just how valuable a helpmate she would be as a wife.  

The romance built itself slowly and March’s cousin Rupert was a real toad who was foiled in the end as he tried his best to torpedo March’s chance at happiness.

Bottom line:  Loved this book and all the characters, except of course, creepy cousin Rupert!

Marilyn Rondeau

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