All We Ever Wanted by Emily Griffin

All we ever wanted

June 26, 2018                           Rating:  4-1/2*

After marrying into the “Nashville elite” Nina browning was living the good life after her husband made a fortune selling his tech business.  High society and a busy social life, a son she adored doing well in his private school who has just been accepted into Princeton, and life never looked so good… – So good, in fact, that when a photo showed up with a racist comment on it Nina was devastated when she learned that her precious child was identified as the person who took it!  

On the other hand, Tom Volpe is a struggling single dad doing his best to be a good dad and positive influence on his headstrong intelligent daughter who had won a scholarship to the ultra private and very expensive private school of Windsor Academy.   For Lyla it was a miracle that some of the wealthiest students had befriended her and she might have taken it over the line to be accepted.  

***. I guess this really was a story of values and how some folks let the change in their financial position change them from what they were into someone they no longer recognized as themselves, or to be perfectly blunt – a wake up call to discover they really didn’t like the person they’d become.  In the case of Nina, she saw that the values she wanted to teach her son were not what he was practicing.   Rather she took a good look at her life and didn’t like what was happening to her husband and what he in turn was beginning to teach their son.  

It was also a story of a rebellious young girl who was caught up short in first love and discovered that the rules her dad imposed on her life were definitely not laid out to hurt her but were set down in order to protect her.   

Bottom line:   This was a short but inspired story of coming of age, and reflections of a life that needed some adjustments made to get a person back on track to what was right for them!   Very, very good. 

Marilyn Rondeau

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