Review: Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding by Rhys Bowen


NET Galley August 7, 2018       Series:  Her Royal Spyness #12

ASIN  B077CNY4P9                   Rating:   5*

Have to say I really enjoyed FOUR FUNERALS AND A WEDDING from a series and an author I had never read before.  There were plenty of chuckles that slipped past my lips as I got further and further into this story and mystery.   Judging that this is the 12th volume in the series I can just about imagine some of the scrapes our heroine Georgie had to have gotten into based on the innuendoes mentioned of some of her past  klutziness.  Somehow if Georgie were a real person I’d definitely have to make her a BFF.

Getting back to the story, it seemed that things seem to be really going Georgies way – not only is she making plans for her long awaited wedding to the love of her life, but she has just learned that she is the heir of one of her mothers ex-husbands – Sir Hubert Anstruther .  Plus he has invited her to make her new home in his house in the country.  And so begins the main offensive of Georgie versus the household staff at Eynsley Hall who clearly do not want any interference of a Royal whose expectations are for them to serve her.   

Georgie, along with a lively plethora  of other family and friends was a delight and all the secondary characters only added to the enjoyment of the entire mystery.  Questioned  – who were these odd band of misfit servants? Why have a cook who didn’t even know how to brew a decent cup of tea?  Alas, you will have to read this marvelous tome to discover the latest foibles of Lady Georgiana! 

A total delight from start to finish!

Marilyn Rondeau

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