Review: River of Shame – By Susan Goldner-CLayton


This is the third book I’ve had the extreme pleasure of reading by this newer author and if you have not read her yet you are missing out on watching ‘a star being born’! Each of her books has been amazing and all different crimes with the exception of the same general location.   And I have to say the detective who solves the mysteries is someone you’d want living next door to you  – extremely kind and humane.  

The crimes this time are “hate” and “racial” in nature.  Horrible and inhumane acts delivered to those by a group of white  supremacists that eventually lead to murders.  The twists and turns of trying to find just a thread of evidence against whoever was involved in these crimes took the detective and FBI agent on a chase where red herrings abounded.   

However, since I’ve read three of this author’s books I have learned that not all is as it seems and you will be in for one unbelievable twist you didn’t see coming. A twist that may even make you a little sad.    No spoilers from me but another super great read from the  very talented author, Susan Goldner-Clayton.

Marilyn Rondeau

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