Review: The Lost Carousel of Provence by Juliet Blackwell

Carousel Provence

Kindle Edition, 368 pages             Publication: September 18th 2018 by Berkley

ASIN:   B0782SGJRD                  Rating: 4*

Didn’t know quite what to expect from this book I received from NET GALLEY for an honest review, but honestly, it was pretty darn good!  Generally I am not too keen when the story goes back and forth from present day to the long ago past, but I will admit that this was done seamlessly and at the right times to enhance what seemed to be going on in the present.   

Cady Drake, the lead character in this book was in her own words, ‘not a likable person’.  However, I did like her determination and grit.  She didn’t have a childhood that gave her any warm fuzzy feelings of belonging or being loved.  But a friend had arranged for Cady to take on a job of securing photos of the many carousels in France and Cady was ready for something new.  

When Cady met Fabrice, the reclusive hermit type who lived at the  Chateau Clement who didn’t like people – they formed a sort of detente.  He was a bit lame from a twisted foot, and Cady could help him out.    Plus she could then stay at the chateau to research the last known carousel built by the master carver Gustave Bayol a century ago which supposedly resided somewhere in the chateau.    

Now toss in a handsome nephew and a warring family over who truly owned the Chateau and the story just got better and better!    This was a totally enjoyable read and quite interesting with characters who will make you smile, laugh and even cry.   

Marilyn Rondeau 

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