Review: Treason in Norfolk

Trason In Norfolk

By Paige Tyler

Eden Bristow is ready to see her sister get married, not fight in an alley with a couple of thugs. One of the thugs is a shifter so she has no choice but to do her thing and fight claws with claws. She didn’t expect to see a stranger … a hot soldier … jump into the fray and not blink an eye when she shifted. What are the odds?

Sergeant Travis Dempsey is in Virginia for his sister’s graduation. What are the chances that he would end up in a fight … well strike that he is a member of the Special Forces after all, but what are the odds that a gorgeous woman would dive in the middle of the fight. And show her claws.

Treason in Norfolk is a return to Paige Tyler’s Ex-Ops world with this being book 1 of the X-OPS: The Unclassified Files. Fantastic story line that brings together family, some good some not so good, teammates that are more than family, romance, danger, drama and a good lesson on gambling bringing danger to the family. Remember thugs in the alleyway? Yep someone is in debt to the wrong people and Travis and Eden have to figure out the details, fall in love and save the day.

Amazingly well written (as always from this author), easy to read, fun and sometimes funny!

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