Review: Poison by Punctuation by Kelley Kaye

High school can be a killer, but second year teacher Emma Lovett is hoping to enjoy a murder-free school year. Unfortunately, Thomas Jefferson High is starting the year with graffiti and threatening notes, admittedly an improvement over last year’s dead body. Shortly afterwards, cheerleader Kisten Hollis is found dead after an insulin injection and murder is suspected once again. Emma and her best friend and fellow teacher, Leslie Parker, are determined to uncover the culprit, especially since they’ve also received one of the threatening notes.

POISON BY PUNCTUATION is the second book in the Chalkboard Outlines series but can easily be read as a standalone. Kelley Kaye provides enough character development for the reader to appreciate and enjoy even things such as the troubles brewing in the love lives of Emma and Leslie. I have to admit that the first book is now on my TBR as it’s enjoyable to see an author so effectively write about a school.

And oh, did Kelley Kaye ever capture the high school teaching experience! I probably laughed more than I should have over Emma’s rants about the school board, particularly their approach to bullying, as Kelley Kaye sums it up so well. Between that and Leslie’s penchant for literary quotes, it was almost a given that I would thoroughly enjoy POISON BY PUNCTUATION but Kelley Kaye also writes a darned good story! POISON BY PUNCTUATION takes some intriguing twists and I like the depth she’s giving to her characters. I can’t wait to see what Kelley Kaye has in store for us next in the series!

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