Review of …. Talen

Author:  Rebecca Zanetti

The war may be over but a few beings didn’t get the memo.

Talen Kayrs and the love of his very long life Cara Kayrs plan a simple delivery and then some time together now that she is cured of the long illness that had lingered for most of their time together. She healed and she’s tired of being treated like a fragile idiot. Getting through to an ancient vampire is like pounding on a reinforced concrete wall. Maybe after the vacation and some tropical romantic days he’ll get the message that she is well and very healthy.

Unfortunately, his instincts are right and in no time at all they have demons throwing mind games at them and well … that is only the beginning. How will Cara ever get it through his head that she doesn’t need him to be her protector if danger won’t leave them alone!

I loved visiting Talen and Cara again and getting updates on their lives. I have to admit I still have trouble thinking of the children as grown-up and for heavens sake they are grandparents to a precocious little girl. This is a perfect link between author Rebecca Zanetti’s Protectors and her Realm Enforcers and let’s be honest who doesn’t want a little more Kayrs in the world.

This is an action-packed, reunion of sorts, with vampires, demons, werewolves and some closure now that the war has ended … or has it? Only our beloved author knows that for sure.


Midnight Fever

Author: Lisa Marie Rice

Nick Mancino has been dreaming about Dr. Kay Hudson since their last meeting when he saved her grandfather. Kay seemed to be pushing him away, but when he finally catches up with her their night is totally mind blowing. Little does he know that within a short time he will find himself caught up in deadly danger with Kay in the center. There is no way danger will get to her unless it goes through him.

Midnight Fever is an action packed read. Sometimes when a series continues the writing seems forced as if it is a chore and no longer a desire for the author. This is not the case for author Lisa Marie Rice and her Men of Midnight series. Each one has the same intriguing feel and the men of Midnight are tough, strong, able men who turn to mush when it comes to their women. Which is something that I enjoy reading. This one centers on Nick and Kay and … wow … do they have a story. I thought it a nice twist that the reason Kay was pushing Nick away was to protect him … he was F.B.I. at the time and she already knew something was wrong with where she worked and was going to become a whistleblower and did not want to ruin his career in the process. That was an ahhh moment for the readers and for Nick himself.

I have to admit that some of the scientific chatter slowed the book down for me but there was enough gun action and steamy action to speed it right back up. I also enjoy the returning of the other members of the team, their wives and growing families, and watching them all work together to end the most recent danger to the world. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next offering by Ms. Rice as there were a few items in this book that lacked a definitive conclusion, so I am hoping the next will offer more information.

If you want high octane action, sweet and steamy romance, with a team of people saving the world from evil then Midnight Fever will fit the bill perfectly.

Fractured Silence

By Carrie Ann Ryan

Parker Jameson has been hit with a prophecy dealing with threes and a dagger that belonged to the first of his line. Not sure how he can possibly fulfill this prophecy as he is growing weaker and needs to find his mate. The last thing he expects is that Brandon Brentwood, an Omega and youngest of a Talon Pack family would have an important part in his future. Then add in Avery Montag, the daughter of a traitor to the wolves and you have an interesting mix.

I have been looking forward to the return of author Carrie Ann Ryan’s “Talon Pack” books and was immediately drawn into this fast paced world. The wolves are outed and the humans are, of course, mixed in their feelings. Parker, Brandon and Avery will have to work together to bring even a modicum of safety to the wolves and that itself is an amazing process to watch. They have to learn to trust, lean on each other and support each other, especially when it turns out they are mates. I guess I need not say that this is a M/M/F storyline and I admit though it is not one of my favorite scenarios it fits the plot the best.

Fractured Silence is action packed, but the emotional aspect of it was what held me captivated. I wanted to see if they could find their truth and hold on to one another. If you are looking for a fantastic read and love roller coaster rides then Fractured Silence will take you on one.

This book is the end of this particular thread of the Talon Pack series and Ms. Ryan strove to give her readers everything we expected. I look forward to the next offerings by her.


Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko

Hard Justice

Fallon Wade wants only to spread her wings and to appease her overly protective parents she allows them to hire a bodyguard to help her enjoy life. She was pleasantly surprised with her father’s choice. He’s a former MMA fighter now a member of the Body Armor Agency and he is yummy. She never imagined getting a chance to live a little would bring her such a HARD JUSTICE and so much fun.

Justice Wallington gave up the cage fighting, not because he didn’t have the skills but knew he wasn’t champion material, so he turned to Body Armor and in turn to Fallon. Expecting a spoiled rich girl, ready to throw temper tantrums to get her way he is very amazed; she is level headed, down to earth, and innocent in a number of life experiences. After being fired by her father and then rehired, Justice wants to help Fallon enjoy life. His main problem is … separating his feelings from those of a body guard to the way he is really feeling. Because truth be known one thing that Fallon inspires in him is love.

As always with books by Lori Foster I run out of adjectives to describe them and HARD JUSTICE has me tongue tied. I loved it. I loved Justice and adored Fallon. I loved that Ms. Foster brought back the boys from her past series’ and their wives and children. I mean what better place to be than with the guys at Rowdy’s bar and go on a “date” to see Stack fight in the cage.

I won’t say what the danger is or from where it comes from, you will have to read HARD JUSTICE to find that out, but I will say it fit well with the scheme of this whole story line. The dialogue between this couple, their friends and family members is so realistic it was like listening to real people discussing everyday life. I did enjoy the slow pace of the romantic side of this storyline as it built up, sometimes you just have to feel the tension to know that this couple have earned each other. Romance readers have no fear the love comes and wraps them both up beautifully as is expected by this author. If you are looking for sweet, steamy, action packed, with everyday interactions and camaraderie then HARD JUSTICE is the book for you.

Review by Annetta Sweetko via ARC from author

Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson Hauptmann has had an eventful life … a flighty mother, raised by the Marrok (the grand alpha of all werewolves) and marrying the Alpha werewolf of Tri-Cities. Things always seem to smooth out for a little respite then she is in trouble again. Now she has been attacked and taken from Tri-Cities with her captures planning to use her as a weapon. They underestimate Mercy in her coyote form and she manages to escape, but she finds herself without help and lost in Europe. With the SILENCE FALLEN between her, Adam and the pack, she must find a way to contact them, but in the meantime she has to find help. All she has to do is figure out friend from foe.

All I can say about this addition of author Patricia Briggs “Mercy Thompson” series is … amazing! The set up takes us out of Tri-Cities and puts Mercy back to being the lone wolf (OK so she is a coyote but I think you know what I mean) from the days before her marriage. She has a bond with her husband that allows them to “speak” to each other and that bond has been broken throwing her, Adam and the pack into a frenzy of worry. She has to depend on her instincts while struggling to find a way to contact her husband and their pack or even the vampires and witches she knows.

Having never been to Europe, I felt that Ms. Briggs did an amazing job of making readers feel as if they really were there with Mercy. The descriptions brought it all to life in a vibrant and clear way. I did find a couple of pages that might have been a bit too descriptive and didn’t really add anything, but didn’t hurt except take the reader away from the main topic.

I also loved the different POV chapters, it always helps to know what the others are doing while Mercy is trying to escape and survive. This is something that I have found other authors doing and completely enjoy it … I love to know what the other party is doing, thinking and feeling. Helps push the story along and give readers a deeper understanding of all the missing parts as they come together.

If you love the Mercy Thompson series, ghosts, vampires, a strong heroine who isn’t going to back down despite feeling outnumbered and a wolf who will move mountains to get his mate back then SILENCE FALLEN will hit the mark.

Review by Annetta Sweetko from ARC from NetGalley

Review: Her True Match

Her True Match

All I can say is … hold onto your seats readers this is an explosive book by author Paige Tyler that has an ending that will just blow your mind.

Dreya Clark is a thief, at least according to Detective Braden Hayes … he caught her with the goods but loses her to the Department of Covert Operations. Dreya Clark is a shifter and DCO is always looking for those with her special ability.

Braden isn’t happy with the turn of events, in fact, he isn’t going to let her go alone. Despite finding out that she is more than he thought … a real cat burglar … he is hooked and when they are both on a dangerous, very covert mission, it is her instinct and his tenacity that keep them alive.

Her True Match takes us back into author Paige Tyler’s DCO series, but I am not sure how much I can say that will not be considered spoilers. The cat and mouse game that starts this story with Dreya and Braden is fun and leads you to the personalities of these two people quickly. Dreya is an adrenaline person and Braden is by the book, totally opposites but … wow … when opposites collide it is very good reading. As I said hold on to your seats because Ms. Tyler throws a very big twist at the end that no one could have ever expected and I kind of hope that she has a surprise for her faithful readers when we close the book and … say it ain’t so. Her True Match is indeed a must read, with Dreya and Braden’s love story is central but there are a lot happening to the members of DCO that will have you holding your breath. All I can say is I hope the next offering is already in the works because I can’t wait for it… I have to know what really happened.

Review: Stolen Kisses by Merryn Dexter


Sadie Burrows-King has lost her grandmother and goes in search of a place to belong. Crashing into Los Lobos, quite literally, brings this lonely little wolf something she has dreamed of. Home, family, acceptance and at long last …. love. Easton Quaid might be an orphaned wolf, who barely survived the cruelty of the former alpha, but he knows family and he knows what he wants and Sadie is it!

I love visiting The Black Hills Wolves and Los Lobos, the whole series is so much fun to revisit. Author Merry Dexter knows how to throw steamy, funny, thoughtful, heart touching and roll it into a read that you can’t put down. Her Black Hills characters are a pleasure to revisit and I love seeing another wolf who had been kicked around get his happily ever after. I enjoyed the winter solstice scavenger hunt that Sadie and East were chosen to finish. (Just a little hint … that’s were the title comes in to play but is done in a funny and rather sneaky way.) I did like that Sadie got the answer to her grandfather’s disappearance and was able to answer the Alpha Drew Tao’s question when she asks about possibly joining the pack. I always get the feeling that he knows so much more than he lets on. I also found myself admiring East’s work ethic, he wasn’t above doing little jobs for anyone who needed his help. The townsfolk kept him busy and felt protective toward him as if he were a member of their own family.

If you want a story that will keep you glued to the pages and a mixture of happy (for the couple who got their HEA) and sad when it ends (because it ended) then “Stolen Kisses” is just what you are looking for.

Angel for Christmas


Written by Caroline Clemmons

Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko

An unexpected angel saves the day

There are angels everywhere and even some who never expected to be one.

Dr. Suzi Stephens needs a miracle and she certainly never expected it to come in the form of the children’s home’s new janitor.

Jacob Richison was a hard living, a bit reckless, very wealthy man who finds himself at the pearly gates and given a second chance. All he has to do to get inside heaven is save the home. But, he has to do that as Jacob Porter and do it by Christmas.

This new life he has been given brings many changes to the man who had been in the exact setting as these children. Now with this second chance will he learn to love and the true meaning of charity?

Angel for Christmas is a sweet, second chance (not at love this time but at life) Christmas tale that opens readers eyes to things that make you stop, think and be grateful. I enjoyed the book and the characters in it, especially sweet little Missy and the other children. The change in Jacob is subtle as he was always a good man, just a little caught up in possessions. Dr. Suzi is out of her depth in the business management side of things, she is a child psychologist and never wanted to run the place, just help the children cope with the life they had been handed.

If you need a sweet, contemporary that is perfect for the holidays or any day you need a touch of goodness then ANGEL FOR CHIRSTMAS by Caroline Clemmons is what you need.

Leopard’s Fury


She calms him, she excites him … she is his.

Evangeline Tregre has run from the bayou shifters lair and made a good life for herself. She has leopard shifter blood but has never shifted. She has decided to stay away from that world … until Alonzo Massi walks into her bakery.

Alonzo knows that he can’t get involved with the sweet bakery owner, but he has been compelled to visit her shop. She brings peace to his Amur leopard as no one had ever been able to do. When danger comes her way he has no choice but to step in. He has no choice because no one will endanger what is his. But can Evangeline possibly tame the viscous beast that is very much a part of Alonzo?

LEOPARD’S FURY is another fascinating winner from author Christine Feehan. I did have to go back to the previous “Leopard Novel” books to find out exactly who Evangeline was but once I had, I applauded her escape from the world she was raised in. Both she and Alonzo carry a lot of baggage that had to be worked through and I believe that was done well. There is still a bit of bossiness that is sometimes a little irritating to me, but I guess that is the nature of the men involved as shifters with a cold nature and killer instincts. On the most part the women, Evangeline especially, knows what to say and do to sooth the beast within.

I enjoy renewing acquaintances with past characters of any series and loved watching these “bad guys” as they try to clean up their part of the world as best they can. The outsiders might believe they are part of the mafia or gangster world but they and those that love them know the truth. If you are a fan of these novels you know what I mean and if not … you have got to read all of Ms. Feehan’s leopard books to understand.

If you want action, sometimes violent and dangerous; strong alpha heroes; sweet but with strength of steel heroines; and love that will last through any storm then LEOPARD’S FURY is exactly the book for you.