Review: The Suicide Motor Club by Christopher Buehlman


Judith Lamb, her husband, Robert, and her son, Glendon, are heading down I-40 towards a motel in New Mexico as the sun dips down and the moon comes up. Unfortunately, these precious moments will be the last they spend together as a family. The Lamb family has captured the attention of THE SUICIDE MOTOR CLUB, a small band of roving vampires who relentlessly attack and slaughter their victims. This time, however, they leave one witness behind….

I love Judith’s character! Her determination and willpower in the midst of such horrific events is truly admirable. One can easily feel her sense of loss regarding Glendon. Her character contrasts quite sharply with Robert, who I wanted to dropkick. However, the hardships Judith faces only strengthen her. One of my regrets about THE SUICIDE MOTOR CLUB is that I wanted to spend more time with Judith and less time with the vampires.

Christopher Buehlman takes readers on a dark ride (literally!) as we see the horrors vampires can inflict on humans. THE SUICIDE MOTOR CLUB is not for the squeamish as the details are nothing short of gruesome. I love a good horror novel but even I was getting a bit squicked out over some of the nastiness these vampires inflict on their victims. Don’t look for lovely sparkling vampires here! However, if you want a hard-hitting, gritty vampire tale where nothing is too dark or dangerous, then look no further than THE SUICIDE MOTOR CLUB.