Review: Emma in The Night by Wendy Walker


Publish:    Aug 8, 2017 Hardcover, 320 pages

Published by St. Martin’s Press ISBN13: 9781250141439 Rating: 5*

If one is looking for a twisting thriller, with a highly dysfunctional family, then EMMA IN THE NIGHT is what you are looking for, where nothing is what it seems and the truth of it all stays hidden right up to the very end.

Three years ago the Tanner sisters, fifteen-year-old Cass and seventeen-year-old Emma go missing. Three years later, Cass returns without Emma.   Her tale of kidnapping and betrayal, a mysterious island and a baby Emma delivered is far-fetched with a lot of missing pieces.   As the story continues, some of the pieces fall into place – and some don’t necessarily ring true.

To forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Abby Winter, things don’t add up.  As she looks deep into the family dynamics she begins to identify a life where boundaries were violated and a narcissistic parent seems to be at the core of the mystery.

Note that I must warn you that you should not begin this book the night before work or school because you just might find it too hard to put down.   Very good and a lot of twists one doesn’t see coming,

Marilyn Rondeau